Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Birthdays, America and running naked in the house....

See...I told you there was more to come and here it is. First off let me answer some questions..

The house hunting is slow...but then again we are not really pushing real hard seeing as though the holidays are fast approaching and unless someone wants to buy a home for Christmas I think we are SOL until January. Plus the house we liked and was on the market for over a year was sold last week. CRAP! that's OK though cause we are looking for homes that have a basement and that particular one did not. The yard and location is what sold us.

Thanks for the Happy B day texts, emails and calls. I didn't realize I was liked by anyone...especially that many people. It was a great Birthday actually. I woke up early, Played some Xbox...grabbed some breakfast..played some more Xbox..then meet up with my family for Lunch. Minna and I later saw "Eagle Eye". It was a good show in my opinion. After we had Dinner then YEP YOU GUESSED IT...Ghost Hunters!! We watched it till the end and although we missed a few hours of it we saw some really cool stuff happen. We saw someones coat get pulled and heard some voices etc. I know, we are crazy but Minna and I really enjoy watching this show. Oh and thank you everyone for not calling me during that time period...however I would of answered still.

As you know a new president has been elected..and to be honest the man I was voting for did not win. I am not one of those people who will bag on the new president of the United States because I am not a Democratic Voter, however I will say this- Black, White Woman or Man I support the President of the United States of America. In other words, i am not one who discriminates. Although I am Republican head to toe and will not change I do support Barack Obama as our President of the United States of America. I am looking forward to the next four years, although I am afraid for our country with a few view points he wants to change for us. Time will tell, all I can say is...If he proves as a worthy man and can stand for our freedom as President Bush and others before him have I will support Obama. doesn't mean I have to like him or his decisions. I personally feel that in four years a few Obama voters will say ..oops... like I said, time will tell.

On the happy note we have a new president elect and that is good. I will just make sure not to make a lot of money so I don't have to give it to some lazy ass person who thinks their contribution to society is based on my wages and income.

As I was getting dressed this morning I realized...I really like to walk naked through my house. It is a great sensation. Walking one can see you but yet you feel like your accomplishing something daring by doing it. I don't know...sometimes I don't need a reason to strip to my bare nothingness and walk around my home...I just enjoy it...however It really is to get a reaction from Minna. Her reaction is usually....EWWWW !!! Stop that.... with that said, I encourage everyone to walk around naked in their own home at least 3 - 4 times a week. It's just flat out fun!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

More things to come

So we will have more to put on here...just be patient.....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A few things more..

Well, sometimes I forget that we have this blog and I forget to update it. A lot has happened since we last wrote and I guess I should bring people up to date....well for those who care to read this anyway.

First off- I will be 32 on Oct. 31st wierd huh? yeah, 32 and still feeling not 31 yet. Actually I do feel my age once in a while and for some reason I am really excited to be 32. But I will write more about that after the end of the month. Minna I think is more excited for my birthday then I am..and I am pretty excited to say the least. Last week we got home from dinner and she asked me if I wanted to open a Birthday present. I said, my B-day isn't for another 13 Days....But HECK YEAH I DO! My lovely wife gave me three presents to open. I got the newest DVD season of Ghost Hunters and the live episodes they do every Halloween. I also got a new Xbox Game (Star Wars Force Unleashed) and I am enjoying the heck out of it.

We have started to watch the newest season of ghost hunters Minna got me. Actually I should say Minna got us, as I said before...WE LOVE WATCHING GHOST HUNTERS. I know crazy huh? We just do and no matter how many times we re-watch the old ones over and over, we still enjoy them. We hope to one day travel to Rhode Island to see where TAPS headquarters is and maybe get pictures..who knows. Anyway, I know crazy but we are simple people and like simple things.

Speaking of my to be birthday- We went to Las Vegas two weeks ago. We will have pictures up on here for everyone to see soon. It was way fun as always. We went to the Blue Man Group and we both really enjoyed it. They used so many drums I was in absolute awe taking it all in. They are funny and they are fun to watch. I recommend seeing that show if you get a chance. If you need tickets ask Minna to help because she somehow gets these awesome seats for good prices. We paid like $30 to$ 40 less then the actual tickets cost for the show. My wife she is amazing!

We played Bingo a bunch of times and didn't win, but we did get free beer glasses so now we have a full set thanks to another couple giving us theirs since they already had the full set at home. ha! We played on the slot machines, mainly penny machines and had a few good hits. We found a system that works for us at the Vanetian and also works with other Casino's. Any time you get free slot play, get the card and cash out every winning no matter what. We did this and got our money back that we lost...wich wasn't much, but it sure was great to have. We went to our standard places, Coke Factory, M&M Factory Rainforest Cafe and In & Out Burger. We really had fun and will put up the pictures soon.

Every Birthday month we will go somewhere fun and I choose Vegas although I usually choose Moab or somewhere like that. But it was a good vacation and we really had a lot of fun.

We went to dinner with some of my friends last friday to a place called the Zinn Bistro. It is really good food. It is off of 22nd E. and 33rd S. It's a little pricey but worth it. Also, last night we went to dinner with some other friends (we have a lot of you friends we love to be with) to a place called the Wing Coop or something like that. They serve wings and on Monday's you get wings at 50 cents a wing. It is really good, but get more then doesn't fill you up as much as you hope.

Anyway, there is more we have done, but I will let Minna fill in the blanks plus my spelling isn't great and I write too much. I will say one thing...if your wondering what I am doing on my birthday... don't call us that night we wont answer, we will be watching the live episode of Ghost Hunters till the crack of dawn.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Weekend of Bliss...

Ok first off let me tell everyone something...I KNOW MY SPELLING SUCKS! It's not that I don't know how to spell, I just sometimes don't go back and read everything to correct. It's what I call quick typing. Besides, you all know what I am saying so no big right? My wife pointed out in my last Blog that I mis-spelled a word a few here is the correct spelling on that word- Restaurant. So there I spelled it right and I will make more of an effort to check my spelling.

This past weekend was Conference and it was perfectly relaxing. Everything the Prophet and Apostles said was great and always is. I enjoyed Preisthood session on Saturday night and was really taken back Elder Scott's message. His so called "PPI" was something I think every man should take to heart and be able to answer correctly on. I don't know why his talk stuck out so much that night, but it just did and that got me to I a bad husband? The answer to that is no (in my mind) however Minna may say otherwise when I don't do things like take out the trash when she asks. ha! jk, but really his talk was something I hope will be a message the church will stress upon when we have a lesson from the ensign. I think it is of great importance to let our wives know how much we honor, love and support them.

Minna and I pretty much slept through parts of the afternoon Saturday session. It was later that night that I made a major mistake. After Preisthood my Grandpa decided to take us to Dinner at the IHOP where I enjoyed my favorite kind of Pancakes...Pumpkin! So friggn delicious! I made the mistake of ordering a coke. They only had Pepsi and I settled. Well, I forget that I am 31 going on 32 this month and the older I get the more affects caffine has on my body after 9pm. I was up all night from Saturday to Sunday morning. Which is fine because I decided instead of tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep I might as well play Xbox. It worked, after a while I found my self falling to sleep while playing online agianst someone else. I woke up to seeing my statistics having decreased majorly because I slept and he proceeded to beat the crap out of my guy on the game we where playing. Im sure he thinks he is amazing now. Anyway, I finally fell to sleep and woke up in time to catch the last 3 talks of the Sundy morning session.

We also threw a BBQ on Friday night with all of Minna's friends and husbands. We where so happy everyone was able to show up. I apologize still if the food wasn't as cooked as well as I hoped...but when you have a freaking GREASE FIRE starting in your BBQ Grill the best thing to do was evacuate all meat products off that thing ASAP. Anyway, it was a blast and thanks for everyone who came. I want to give a special thanks the people on my Team...WE RULE!

So a weekend of family, fun, much needed rest and solitude....I can't complain!

Monday, September 29, 2008


Well, It goes to show that now Minna is on the Blog we actually have something worth looking at. Minna is amazing, she got everything up and running and more people are coming to our blog. Not that it's important to us to have everyone check our Blog out on a daily basis, but it sure is cool to know you guys do anyway. Plus, it makes us feel cooler then we already are. ha!

OK Laura (my cousin) had a ton of suggestions and you know what...they worked so thank you and we will take your advice and do just that. Also, thanks for helping us too Lisa, we now know what we are doing. Lizard- If you didn't prime the pump by showing Minna what's up we would still have a very blank page and I would have soon forgotten our password and therefore not coming back till next August.

That out of the way, updates on Minna and Myself....we are good. We are looking at homes right now still but wether or not we get one we aren't feeling very rushed. We did find one that we liked, its smaller then we want but it has a lot of room to grow. I can see a ton of potential with it, but like I said, who knows what will happen.

Over the weekend we went with some friends up the canyon for dinner. We ended up at a resteraunt called the Creekside Diner or resteruant or something like that. It is located in the village at Solitude. It was actually a cute resteraunt a bit pricey, but the atmosphere of the color changing leaves through the window on the resort was a beautiful scenery. We got to our table and realized that the Entrees where a bit spendy for some meat and other wannabe fancy things, so we all ordered the Pizza and some soup. The Pizza was good and so was the soup and even the appitizer of Bree Cheese and some berry sauce wasn't too bad. I wouldn't make a special trip to go there again, but it was fun still.

I think I try to go up the canyons more before the first snow falls, the air is crisp and clean and the smell of the trees and small campfires almost revitalizes your self well being. I love the mountains and always will choose them over any ocean and beach anywhere.

I am working on getting my hunters safty so I can hunt atleast one day of my life to say I did it. It isn't something I really care to do, but my freinds seem to think its greater then farting in the tub so I would like to go and try it. I should be jumping at the opportunity however since I come from a family that has been hunting forever. My Grampa and Dad and his brothers all did it when they where younger, but I just didn't see how great it was and instead played Basketball and went skiing in the winters instead. That was better bonding time with my Dad then hunting a massive animal down to have to clean it and hike it out. My Dad felt the same way.

Minna is working her cute butt off making sure little kids get their education. So far this year seems to be a good one for her and the stories she has about her kids already are cute. She is a tough cookie, I don't know if I could handle 37 plus 3 year olds all day. This is why I have total faith in her when we have kids. With that much experience behind her my kids will never get bored. She will probably hop on and erase or change most what I am saying, but I don't care I think others should know how freakin cool my wife is.

Im excited for Fall this year. I will be 32 by the end of October and I can't wait, I don't know why I just am excited to be 32 yrs old. I look 26 and act 12 but still it has to average to 32 somehow. Plus this Fall I have plans for Minna and myself...maybe move into a home, go on a few weekend trips and maybe even visit my mission (I haven't told you yet Minna but I thought maybe we could go down sometime before the end of this year). Anyway, all is well with the Jones's and we are happy.

Keep reading our Blogs and we will stay up to date.